Q. How much do Perth Bathroom Renovations Cost?

A complete bathroom renovation costs anywhere from $8,000 - $10,000 + for the labour side of things - depending on what you are having done. This includes removal and replacement of old copper and old galvanised pipes if needed, gutting, rubbish removal, brick-ups, plumbing, tiling, water-proof membrane, screed, concrete if needed, standard framed shower screen and mirror made by a glazier to fit and fitting of all bathroom appliances eg: bath, vanity cabinet, toilet , taps etc..... 

Q. Does that price include tiles, vanity cabinet, bath, taps, toilet, fittings - towel rail etc....?

No.... Generally our clients like to purchase these items themselves as there is such a range of products to choose. These products cost approximately $2,000 - $2,500 + depending on what you choose. At Chandlers Tiling Service we provide you with a list of what you will require for your bathroom renovation in the written quote. We can also provide you with a list of businesses we recommend if needed and of course we can liase with you and provide the products for you if you don't want to do it yourself. 

Q. Why does it cost so much for a bathroom renovation?

Anyone can do a makeover to make a bathroom look good but it also has to be functional and adhere to The Australian Standards and Building Code. 90% of a bathroom renovation is preparation, walls have to be rendered and floors re-screeded properly before you install the water proof membrane and tile glue. If this is not done properly the waterproof membrane will fail, leaving you with costly problems. Licensed and qualified trades must be used for the job. At Chandlers Tiling Service we use qualified and licensed trades and companies to do your renovation properly. We remove all existing tiles, glue and screed. We re-screed walls if required and all floors before we waterproof membrane. We supply and install quality built shower screen and mirrors made by a local Perth company. If your bathroom renovation is done properly it will last years. If you choose to cut corners with cost and standards then it could cost you and cause you many problems as leaks can become costly when the renovation has to be re-done. 

Q. Does my own house insurance cover me when getting a bathroom renovation ?

Most of the time No.........but check with your insurer. The reason is the scale of work has gone out of the scope of your insurance. Insurance companies won't generally pay out for the use of unlicensed/unregulated trades or unapproved works. Most insurance companies expect trades and businesses to protect owners from liability during any renovation because in some instances the damage can be very expensive. 

Q. Why would you choose a HIA Member?

HIA Members agree to adhere to the HIA National Code of Ethics, under which they commit to competence, fairness, value, honesty and integrity in dealing with consumers. They provide professional service and advice on all your building projects and can provide you with information on the latest trends, materials, finishes and technology on the market. 

Q. Why do Chandlers Tiling Service replace the galvanised drains and copper pipes if the pipes look ok to me?

At Chandlers Tiling Service we will always replace old galvanised drains with pvc and all hot and cold copper pipe. Old galvanised pipe becomes unreliable due to being rusty, blocked and can break. When a building becomes 40 + years old it is a good idea to replace all hot and cold water pipes as they are old and have served there purpose. The reason that this should be done because if it becomes a problem after the renovation you have to go through the floor or wall to remove these pipes. 

Q. How long has Chandlers Tiling Service been operating and can I get a referance from a previous client?

Chandlers Tiling Service has been registered as a business since 1994. Daryl has been in the Perth bathroom renovation industry for over 28 years starting as a Wall & Floor Tiler and now due to the demand, complete bathroom renovations is all we do. We like our referances to be current if somebody requires one. We generally ask the clients of the last couple of jobs if it is ok for another potential client to have a look at their job, so you can be assured the referances are current and you can see our work for yourselves.

Q. Can I have a flat floor - no step in shower?

You can have a flat floor in your bathroom if it complies with the plumbing regulations and you have a fully enclosed shower screen. We find that when hobs are installed they are usually made of brick which has holes in it. The water can find its way into the holes in the brick also where the hob meets the wall can crack. 

Q. Can I change the position of existing shower, bath, vanity, toilet etc... in my new bathroom renovation?

Yes if the changes you want made will fit into the scope of the bathroom works, are legal and feasible. Discuss any changes required with us at the time of the quote. 

Q. I only have one bathroom and toilet what can I do for a bathroom & toilet during my renovation?

At Chandlers Tiling Service we have our own portable bathroom that our clients can use free of charge during there renovation. We set it up for you it just needs a power point and a tap. It consists of a small shower bath, toilet and a vanity cabinet. 

Q. Can I remove a wall or put a doorway in another wall?

We don't remove any walls or install doorways or structural changes as we are not registered builders.

Q. Can I install a new toilet into my existing bathroom if it didn't have one before?

Yes we can install a new toilet for you the installing plumber will be required to submit the paperwork to the required authorities for you.

Q. Can I change an existing window in my bathroom?

We can't put in windows that are bigger than the existing hole or put in a window that doesn't already exist as it is changing the structure.We can brick up the hole and make the window smaller and we can replace an existing window or change a wooden window to an aluminium window and vice a versa. Any bathroom window that is under 1.2 metre has to be safety glass by law.

Q. Can I use any type of tile I want such as marble, ceramic etc...and will it cost more?

We always quote for a ceramic tile unless you tell us different at the time of the quote. This doesn't mean you have to use a ceramic tile if you decide after you get your quote that you would like to use something different just let us know which tile you would like to use then we can let you know if there will be a price difference and how much.

Q. My ceiling needs replacing/repairing can you do that?

We can replace or patch your existing ceiling and cornice if required.

Q. I have water damage on a wall that adjoins my bathroom. Can you fix that for me?

We can repair adjoining plastered walls with water damage at the time of your renovation.

Q. I want a 3 in 1 light installed in my new bathroom instead of my old light fitting can you do that?

We can arrange for a licensed electrician to come during your renovation to install the new light fittings or replace old existing power points. Discuss this with us at the time of the quote.